Terms of Use

This document is an English translation of the original Korean version. If the original and this translation do not match, the original Korean version will be applied. PURPOSE These terms and conditions are intended to determine the rights, obligations, responsibilities and other necessary matters of the company and users in relation to the use of all applications and services provided by MiMYO through the device. By using the MiMYO service, it is important to familiarize yourself with these terms and conditions that you agree to these terms. DEFINITION “Application” refers to the MiMYO company’s application downloaded through market platforms such as App Store. “Content” refers to programs and data that users receive from the company. “You” refers to the users (both individuals and businesses) who use the Application. SERVICE PROVIDER MiMYO Established under Korean law and operated under Korean law YOUR RIGHTS You can use the content provided by applications, games, and homepages. (The ownership of the content is held by MiMYO.) If you have difficulty using the content, you can find out how to solve it through FAQ, or you can get guidance on how to solve it through 1:1 inquiry. When the use of your content is restricted, you can contact the company through 1:1 inquiry for detailed reason confirmation and correction. YOUR DUTY Do not abuse or harm another person or yourself (e.g. mislead, deceive, defamate, ridicule, harass, stalk others) or threaten or encourage the conduct of such abuse or harm Do not abuse, interfere with, disrupt, or damage the service Protection of personal information and respect for the rights of others, including intellectual property rights To protect your data, you should make an effort, such as linking your ID to your Apple Account. ID problems caused by your negligence or fault may not receive adequate help. You are responsible for managing your account and mobile device. The company is not responsible for any damages arising from poor management of mobile devices or acceptance of use by others. ROLE OF THE COMPANY We provide content and game platforms/combined services through apps and sites. If necessary for operation, such as system inspection, server expansion and replacement, addition of new content, various bug patches, etc., the service may be temporarily suspended for a certain period of time or for a period of time. We will guide you in advance in an appropriate way. However, if there is an unavoidable reason that the company cannot notify in advance, it can be notified afterwards. In providing the service, the company may restrict the use of some services according to the relevant laws and regulations, the user’s age, and the procedure for using the service. In this case, the company will inform you in advance. We reserve the right to unpost or remove part or all of your content if we reasonably believe that your content materially violates the terms and conditions or policies, violates applicable laws, or may cause harm to other users or companies. PROTECTION AND USE OF PRIVACY The company strives to protect your personal information in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. Regarding the protection and use of personal information, the relevant laws and the company’s personal information processing policy are applied. Depending on the characteristics of the service, the contents that introduce yourself, such as nicknames and photos entered by you, may be disclosed to other users according to you. We are not responsible for any information, including any damages arising from delays or omission of changes to your personal information, and account information exposed due to reasons attributable to you. USE OF PAID CONTENT The company can provide content including items. The content provided for the service can be used according to the company’s policy and the period and conditions of use can be set. This is posted on each content service usage guide or payment screen. App-only currency refers to currency that can only be used within the company’s app. Free app-only currency: Issued and managed according to company or in-app rules. Currency for paid apps: You can purchase them through the Google PlayStore or Apple AppStore. The company is not responsible for the user’s selection and use of payment methods. In the case of paid app currency, the price is displayed on the purchase screen, and the price may fluctuate depending on exchange rate fluctuations or usage environment.This price includes taxes and fees. The app-only currency belongs to the account in use. Purchasing products using app-specific currency means that you purchase the right to use data within the app.(This does not mean that you are buying ownership (license) of the data.) However, the license for content created using the app (using data) in a normal way remains with you. INDEMNIFICATION The Company is not responsible for any damages incurred in relation to the free service. Except for damage caused by the company’s intention or gross negligence. The Company is not responsible for the suspension of the service or the use disorder or termination of the contract due to reasons attributable to you. However, this is not the case if there is unavoidable or justifiable reason. The Company shall be exempted from liability unless there is intentional or gross negligence of the Company in case of damages caused by the mobile communication operator’s suspension of the service or failure to provide the service normally. The Company shall not be held liable for any damage caused by various problems such as installation of malicious programs caused by your device environment or device settings, or any problems arising from the network environment without reasons attributable to the Company. The Company is not responsible for any problems caused by reasons attributable to you, such as accessing a site impersonating this service or accessing a network service that has been altered such as APK. The Company is not obligated to intervene in disputes between users and users or between users and third parties through the service, and is not responsible for any damages resulting from them. The Company shall not be held liable for any problems caused by reasons attributable to the user, such as damage caused by the user’s device error or damage caused by incorrectly describing or not recording personal information. Competent court In the event of a dispute with the company regarding the use of the service, it will be resolved smoothly by agreement between both parties. In the event of a legal dispute with the company, the laws of the Republic of Korea apply. These terms will be effective from September 9, 2021.